Teacher Resources

WCISEC administration and staff seeks to provide valuable resources and useful information online for teachers.

pdficon_smallDynamic Learning Maps – Essential Elements for Mathematics

pdficon_smallDynamic Learning Maps – Essential Elements for English Language Arts


General Education

globeicon_small American Library Association Booklist

Review the latest electronic media releases too. Browse over and you’ll be able to view recently selected reviews, feature articles, or consult a newly developed cumulative index that’s not available in Booklist’s print counterpart.

globeicon_small Illinois State Board of Education

globeicon_small Library of Congress

globeicon_small National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

globeicon_small Project Choices

globeicon_small Regional Office of Education #26

globeicon_small Statewide Access to Education for Homeless Children and Youth

globeicon_small Virtual Reference Sites

Maps and Geography, over 2500 sites.

globeicon_small United States Department of Education

Special Education

globeicon_small Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

globeicon_small Alliance for Technology Access

globeicon_small Behavior Online

globeicon_small The Council for Disability Rights

globeicon_small Illinois Department of Human Services

Specific Disabilities

globeicon_small Autism Society of America

globeicon_small Autism Research Institute

globeicon_small Autism Society of Illinois

globeicon_small Autism Today

globeicon_small Central Institute for the Deaf

globeicon_small American Council of the Blind

globeicon_small Foundation for Blind Children

globeicon_small Selective Mutism

globeicon_small Tourette Association of America

Professional Organizations

globeicon_small American School Counselor Association

globeicon_small CEC Home Page

globeicon_small Illinois Alliance Administrators of Special Education

globeicon_small Illinois Education Association

globeicon_small National Association of Social Workers

globeicon_small National Association of Educational Office Professionals

globeicon_small National Education Association

globeicon_small School Nursing

globeicon_small Phi Delta Kappa

globeicon_small Teachers’ Retirement System Home Page

Covid-19 Resources

Wearing a Mask Video Model – Primary

Wearing a Mask Video Model – Secondary

Classroom Technology

Illinois Tech for Teachersglobeicon_small