Medical Review

Medical Review Process


MEDICAL REVIEW:  The evaluation of a child’s known or unknown health or medical conditions and the determination of whether these conditions affect the ability to learn.

  1. A WCISEC member district conducts a domain meeting to determine the need for a Medical Review and that they would like the WCISEC Certified School Nurse to complete this review.

The following questions can be asked to determine if more information is needed.

  • Where there complications during pregnancy/birth?
  • Has your child had frequent ear infections?
  • Has your child ever had an injury or accident that required medical attention?
  • Has your child required medical care from a doctor/nurse practitioner in the last 12 months?
  • Does your child take medication?  If so, what medication and what dose?
  • Is there anything in your child’s health history that we have not covered that you feel would interfere with his/her ability to learn?
  1. The WCISEC member district completes a Request for Consultation form and submits the form and a copy of the parent consent to evaluate/domain page to Anita Dobrzycki.
  1. The forms are processed and forwarded on to the WCISEC Certified School Nurse Andrea Ratermann.
  1. The Certified School Nurse contacts the student’s parents/guardians and has them fill out and return the following information:
  1. The student may be observed by the Certified School Nurse.  The Certified School Nurse will review the student’s medical and education records.  The parent/guardian will be contacted for a short interview and follow up from the observation/record review.