Project Insight Jr/Sr Alternative School (Age Group 14-18)

Project Insight is a public day school that provides programming and services for students with behavioral and emotional needs.

330 N. McArthur Street
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: (309) 837-5685
Fax: (309) 836-5030


Principal: Stephanie Winship

Teachers: Vajo Necak (Head Teacher),  Queen FarrarDaryl HaulkNichole Rodriguez

Paraprofessionals:  Michelle Detherage, Shannon Grover,  Julie Pence, Heather Petty, Deanna Porter, Corey Scalf, Heidi Swan, Michelle Taylor, Daryll Winters,

Counselor: Andy Harty

Social Worker: Keela Nichols


PI Course Codes 2019 2020

National School Lunch Program 2019-2020

PI Handbook 2019-2020